Help us continue our Mission of making bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans

Our supporters are the key element to help us continue our work in Greater New Orleans.  Consider donating generously today!

  • Did you know that $100.00 will help fully overhaul a donated bike to our #BikeMatch Program?
  • Also, that $400.00 supports a youth bike and safety rodeo, getting kids on bikes and teaching them the skills they need to navigate roads safely
  • Likewise, raising just $225.00 supports our People Friendly Driving training, a free class that educates motorists on best practices for driving safely around people biking and walking.
  • Did you know that with $1,000.00 raised, Bike Easy can devote the time to call, flyer, educate and enlist the support of neighborhood residents and businesses necessary to support the continued progress for safe, accessible biking across greater New Orleans?
  • Did you know that it costs about $200.00 to run a digital ad that reaches beyond our traditional audience?
  • Did you know that a donation of $2,000.00, can help us provide Bike Valet service for a weekend event?
  • $600.00 will help provide safe and secure parking for 10 bikes ?
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