20170405-NO01281LA-Thomas_N._Chapin_-.jpgShow our local, regional, and state officials that you support streets built to share that are safe for all people, no matter how they travel. By implementing strong Complete Streets policies, cities, parishes, and states can improve health equity, job access, road safety, and the environment. Sign the petition below to add your voice to the call for complete streets built to share!

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Dear city, parish, regional, and state officials - 

I support streets built to share that are safe for people walking, biking, driving, taking transit, and using mobility devices like wheelchairs. More people biking and walking has tremendous benefits for our region - public health, economic, environmental, social equity, and more. Thank you for your leadership on these issues to date, and to keep up the momentum please enact/update Complete Streets policy in your jurisdiction that:

  • incorporates a specific focus on improving health equity;
  • sets high design standards for low-stress street designs - including protected bike lanes, effective crosswalks and pedestrian signals, traffic calming measures, and more - that are truly safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities, no matter how they travel or where they live;
  • plans for creating comprehensive walking, biking, and transit networks that integrate with one another and connect people to destinations like job centers, parks, schools, healthy food outlets, churches, and all the places they go; and
  • creates meaningful public engagement and accountability mechanisms, including data-driven annual reports that measure implementation success against established performance metrics.

Thank you!


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