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  • Tell Our Elected Officials: People on Bikes are Dying in Our Streets

    On Wednesday, June 28th 2023, we asked folks to contact elected officials in regards to the spike in fatal crashes involving people on bikes in our city. The following petition was submitted at the end of the day on Wednesday, June 28th 2023 with 709 signatures to seal our campaign, and make our demands clear: We want people on bikes to stop dying in our streets

    We have decided to keep this petition open until we begin seeing some change in our city.

    1,005 signatures

    To Elected Officials,

    We are in a public crisis: people on bikes are dying in our streets and we want our elected officials to recognize this and make a public statement of what they plan to do about it NOW

    We ask that you:

    • Make a public statement recognizing that this is a crisis, and it needs to be addressed
      • In 2022, the New Orleans Health Department and Department of Public Works issued a statement declaring traffic injuries and fatalities a “ public health and safety crisis” ; since this statement, the City Council has voted to remove infrastructure proven to slow vehicular traffic. 2022 Statement
      • We ask that you personally acknowledge this statement, and become proactive in stopping these crashes and deaths.
    • Prioritize safe infrastructure for ALL road users 
      • These deaths are preventable through smart road design and traffic calming measures.
      • Recommit to the Complete Streets Ordinance to build a road system for all road users. 
      • Commit funding to connect, maintain, and expand the protected bike lane network in New Orleans.
    • Actively promote safe driving
      • Take measures to ensure speed limits and traffic lights are adhered to.
      • Promote alternative transportation options.
      • Take steps to reduce drunk driving.
    • Work closely with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) to better manage the current state roads in Orleans Parish
      • Collaborate on solutions to make state roads through New Orleans safer for all road users.

    20 additional signatures were gathered during the Justice for Peedy's Ride held on Thursday, June 13th, so the most up to date count is the number below plus 20.

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  • Tell City Officials: I Support Safe, Connected Bikeways in Algiers

    **** Please include your District next to your signature ****

    371 signatures

    To City Officials,

    I support the Moving New Orleans ‘low-stress’ bikeway network that has been built in Algiers. I am thankful to have more safe and active streets connecting my neighborhood to nearby parks, shopping areas, schools, the newly extended Mississippi River levee trail, ferry terminals, friends in other neighborhoods, bars and restaurants, jobs and opportunities.

    The protected bikeways, high-visibility crosswalks, repaired sidewalks and new traffic signals bring more safety and less stress to Algiers streets, benefiting the entire community -- people walking, biking, driving and riding public transit. I ask for City Council and City Officials to not remove the protected bike lanes along MacArthur Boulevard and Newton Street, and continue to work to protect vulnerable road users in Algiers. 

    Thank you for moving our community forward by constructing these Complete Streets improvements for the benefit of Algiers and the entire New Orleans community.

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